The Men's Dream NFT Project by Banhalmi Norbert

18 pieces unique double-exposure 

artistic nudes and underwear 

NFT photos - graphics

The Men's Dream - NFT Art Collection


High Quality NFT + Unique Canvas Image by

Banhalmi Norbert - Professional Photographer & Ambassador at OM System | Olympus Cameras


18 pieces UNIQUE double exposure artistic nude and underwear photo / graphic.


Artistic creations uniquely transformed from my favourite nude art photos of the past 20 years. 


In addition to the NFT pictures, the customer also receives the original picture printed on artistic canvas in the size of 60 x 40 cm.


If you have purchased an image, please contact me.

// NFT ART Collection on my OpenSea

7-day auction start: 01/09/2022

Starting price: 0.3 ETH